Sunday, November 15, 2015

iPod Touch: Watching Videos (part 1 of 2)

Steve Jobs was one of the individuals who developed the concept and introduced the iPod Touch in the market. This device has been circulating the market for over a year now and its popularity has increased over the past few months. In just a very short time, Apple’s iPod Touch was able to revolutionize the portable music players. Many people claim that the iPod Touch is simply an iPhone but without the actual phone. The basis for the iPod Touch is the mobile platform and it’s even included in the web browser of Apple called Safari.

The device is similar to the popular iPhone but there are some differences. The user interface is graphical and multi-touch just like the iPhone. It also has a sleek design but the iPhone has more attractive features. Unlike the iPhone, the iPod Touch has no microphone, Bluetooth compatibility, GPS receiver, and camera. When you’re purchasing an iPod Touch, you might mistake it for an iPhone. When the 2nd generation of the iPod Touch was introduced, the difference between the two gadgets was further blurred since the new iPod Touch featured volume controls and a speaker.

Since the iPod Touch is a portable music/media player, you can also watch your favorite movies in it, whether new or old movies as long as it has been converted to the compatible format. Many iPod Touch owners find it hard to transfer videos or movies to the device. Uploaded videos should be in mpg4 format. If you want, you can find converters online which you can also get for free.

How will you watch movies in your iPod Touch?

First, you need to find a free converter (iPod video) online and download it. Run the downloaded file click ‘choose file’. You can get files from the DVD or the hard drive.  DVD files will require you to convert several files and you need to choose the largest size first.

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