Friday, November 27, 2015

There Are Aerial Rides You Can Take As Part of Your Lake Tahoe Vacation (part 1 of 2)

There are a lot of activities you can do should you choose to go on a Lake Tahoe vacation. If you want to see the valley below, you can get a ride on the Squaw Valle Cable Car.

The Squaw Valley cable car is a ride you can take from the village in Squaw Valley all the way up to High Camp is that 8200 feet above sea level. The moment you are seated, you go up 2,000 feet vertically and then head straight for a granite wall. If you think you are going to hit it, don’t worry because you will quickly pass it just inches away from the rocks.

What makes this ride so amazing is the huge windows all around giving you a 360 degree view of everything around you.

There probably wouldn’t be this rid around if this place was not the venue of the Winter Olympics way back in 1960. In fact, people regard it as one of the greatest ski destinations in the world.

Once you get up there, you can ice skate, swim in the artificial lagoon, play some tennis or golf, mountain bike and bungee jump. There are places to eat up there and if you want to spend the night up in the mountains, go ahead since there is a resort there that has 405 rooms.

The cable car is open all year round. During the day, the cost for adults is $12 but this is lowered to $5 after 4pm. For children, there is a flat fee of $5 and free if you are carrying a toddler below three years of age.

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